Yosemite National Park


Mirror Lake

Half Dome

Vernal Falls

Yosemite Falls

The tallest waterfall in North America.


1000 Stairs of Death

Climb the 1000 Stairs of Death to the top of Vernal Falls

Scary Night Hike

Sunmaid Raisin Factory

Visit the largest Raisin Box in the World in Fresno, CA.


It may snow, or it may not.

Snow Ball Fighting

If there is snow, there will be snowball fighting.


You may be colder than you ever have been, or not.

Rob's River

Test your grit by crossing Rob's cold, cold river.

8 Hour Car Ride

Yosemite Lodge Food Court

Yosemite Village Grill


Tent Cabins

We will stay in Curry Village tent cabins. Be quiet at night!

Inside Tent Cabins

Tents have beds, blankets, pillows and heaters.

Four to six students will stay in each tent.


Individual showers are available, each with its own private changing area.

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Bear Locker Video