Advice for Marco AVID Parents

(En Espańol)

  1. Consider and treat your child's academic success as an urgent matter.

  2. Your child should have a regular study time and place where homework and studying is always done at the same time and place.

  3. Check your child’s homework and grades each day on, and check for missing assignments (zeroes).

  4. Students should earn only A's and B's (and mostly A's) if they plan on attending a four-year university after high school.  Colleges do not accept C students.

  5. You should expect that your child has homework every night.  If they say their homework is complete, have them read at least one-half hour.

  6. Register yourself and your email on to receive daily homework and grade reports.

  7. Do not wait to see if your child will get low grades.  Know that they have completed all of their work and are prepared for tests.

  8. Do not allow your child to accumulate zeros.  All homework in all classes is to be completed.  Students who earn acceptance to a university after high school do not miss assignments in middle school.

  9. Let your child do their own work.  No matter how much you love your child, if you do their homework they will learn neither the subject matter nor the virtue of integrity.

  10. Never blame the teacher first.  Many middle school students will look to blame anyone other than themselves for academic shortcomings.  Decide what your child can do to improve the situation, do not simply blame the teacher.

  11. Attend Back-to-School Night, Open House, and all parent meetings at Marco Forster.

  12. Should you allow your child to start dating in middle school?  CLICK THIS LINK

  13. Give your child time to read every night.

  14. Reward your child for good grades.

  15. Do not accept poor grades or excuses.

  16. Do not allow your child to go out at night unsupervised.  Middle school students are too young to be out by themselves.  They should not be hanging out after school, or at Ocean Ranch or Kaleidoscope unsupervised.

  17. Know your child’s friends.  If you feel uneasy about their friends, do not allow them to socialize together.

  18. Do not allow your child to dress or behave in any gangster-like manner.

  19. Treat your child as if they will be going to college one day.  Expect them to go to college.